History of Faultlineís KOG Poker Run
In March of 2008, my sister came to visit from Minnesota with her 3 children. On their second day here, we planned a BBQ at Hollister Hills. As my wife, sister, and I were setting up, my daughters and their cousins started playing tag in the yard behind the store. Then the world got turned upside down. My nephew, Kevin, collapsed. My wife started CPR and 911 was called. Park rangers, lifeguards, and volunteers responded immediately and were able to get Kevin to breathe on his own. CALSTAR was called in, and Kevin was flown to Santa Clara Valley Medical Center. Unfortunately, Kevin died that evening. Unknown to everyone, he had an enlarged heart.

He was just 9 years old.

The outpouring of support from friends and family was unbelievable. It was very humbling to be on the receiving end of such kindness and generosity. In Kevinís memory, friends and family would gather for a BBQ at Hollister Hills on the anniversary of his death. It was a good reminder of what is really important in life. This also planted a seed that we could, and should, do more. We decided to do a Poker Run, now all we needed was a cause!

December 24, 2010: Jake Hurley was a regular pain in the arse high school senior when early in the morning, he woke and found himself unable to walk unaided. His parents (good friends of ours) took him to the emergency room where his condition worsened throughout the day until eventually he was transferred to Stanford Hospital. Doctors surmised he was suffering from Guillain-Barre Syndrome (GBS) and by the evening of Christmas day Jake was on life support.

While GBS is unpredictable in its severity and recovery, the Hurleys were told to expect months or perhaps years before he was back to normal. Fortunately Jake's health returned at a remarkable rate. He returned to school and graduated on time with his class. He is now attending college. As blessed and fortunate as the Hurley family felt, it goes without saying they were buried under medical bills.

With the help of friends, customers, and family, we put on the first KOG Poker Run (K.O.G. are Kevinís initials). The day was a great success. Our vendors and many shops in the area donated some awesome prizes. We had great attendance. We could not ask for more.

We were very happy with the success of the first Poker Run and decided we should make it an annual event.

November 2011, Unfortunately, we were given another cause.

Dave Wallis has been a friend of mine for many years. I used him as a sounding board for many ideas while Faultline was starting. He is a contractor by profession, and did the remodel on what is now our downtown store. Iím sure many of you know him too. He is a lifelong motorcyclist who grew up racing motocross and offroad. He currently spends his spare time at track days, roadracing a CBR400, instructing for Doug Chandler, or in his duties as vice president of the AFM, the local roadracing club.

At a track day at Thunder Hill last November; another rider inexplicably turned right to exit the track just past the start/finish line. In doing so, he collided with Dave (at well over 100 mph). Dave was flown by Enloe FlightCare to Enloe Medical Center with a badly broken leg and blown out knee. Dave currently has a rod in his femur and tibia. His knee will be repaired once the bones are healed.

Just like Jake last year, Dave could use a little help. Please join us for the KOG Poker Run on Saturday April 7, 2012 for a fun day of riding and help out a fellow rider.

Thank you for your support.